Thursday, April 6, 2017

2017 Class Blog

Welcome to our classroom blog. This page will be in addition to our ClassDojo page. The classroom blog is a chance for our extended families, and friends to see our classroom happenings. I will post updates of our classroom news on our blog.

Chrome Book Learning
Room 11 has been exploring our chrome book laptops. We have been using google docs and google slides. The children are learning new skills very quickly.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Rugby and Room 11

Visit the Opawa School Facebook page to see some of our Room 11 children introducing the rugby players onto the field for the Canterbury game on Sunday.
The Kapahaka children also were filmed so that their performance could be shown during the interval of the game.

Did any of you see it???????

Whitebait Delivery

On Friday, our 25 whitebait were delivered.
Here are a couple of pictures to show them become new members of Room 11!!
Kirsty for Whaka Inanga talked us through the process of the catching of the whitebait and how they have been looked after in a lab for a while.

Kirsty measuring the oxygen levels of our fish-tank

Whitebait in the bucket being adjusted to our tank water

In they go!

A new home

Looking quite happy in their new environment
We have been given a couple of links about our local rivers.  Our rivers are so polluted at the moment that it is affecting the whitebait populations, hence the focus on protecting our whitebait and researching their habits etc in more detail.


Well - we are back and it has started off in a really busy way - therefore delay in first post!!!
In the first couple of weeks we have already had two sessions on healthy eating, a visit to the supermarket, recording for the rugby game, athletics training and a deliver of whitebait - PHEW!

This term we will be looking at "Our Precious Jewel".
Room 11's take on this will be - our bodies are precious, how can we look after them, followed by our local environment - how can we sustain it and help ourselves too??
For writing we will be looking at persuasive writing, maths will be fractions and decimals followed by algebra.
Then we have conferences etc and Christmas to look forward too!

Monday, September 5, 2016


Please remember that teachers will be leaving school at 1.00pm on WEDNESDAY 7th SEPTEMBER for a paid union meeting.
There will be no classes for that afternoon.  Please ensure children are picked up by 1.00pm.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Room 11 Visitors

This morning, we had some special visitors into class.
Along came Rob Thompson, Siate Tokolahi and Jed Brown from the Canterbury Rugby Team.
They brought along some Weetbix, fruit salad and bananas.
Firstly, they talked to the class about how important good nutrition is.  They shared with us what they eat for brekkie!!  Then they answered some questions.  Lastly they shared some breakfast with us.
The winners were:
Logan ate 8 Weetbix
Olivia, Trinity and Fenella ate 5 Weetbix!!!
We were very lucky to have these visitors and hopefully the children have a better understanding of the importance of good nutrition!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Olympic Ambassador

Today, we were lucky enough to have Nicola Coles, an Olympic Ambassador visit our school to talk to the children about her Olympic journey.
Nicola gave us some information on the history of the Olympic Games, her journey as a rower and how she achieved her Olympic dream.

Maybe you could ask your child:

  • Where did the Olympics start?
  • How do they light the flame?
  • What did the ancient Olympians wear to compete?
  • What are colour are the rings on the Olympic flag?
  • What do they represent?
  • How did Nicola Coles get into the Olympics?

2017 Class Blog

Welcome to our classroom blog. This page will be in addition to our ClassDojo page. The classroom blog is a chance for our extended famili...